20 November 2012

20 November

Today's project is to make a knife roll to take equipment safely to my Italian cookery classes

  1. I found some fairly solid fabric, cut it into a 25" x 15" square, then cut a piece of cotton fabric the same size.  
  2. Put the two right sides together.
  3. Hemmed round the outside, leaving a gap for turning.  
  4. Turned to the right side, pressed it.
  5. Edged all the way round to hold it flat.  
  6. Turned up the bottom slightly less than the length of the knife handles.
  7. Divided the bottom flap into four and sewed to make four pockets (these are rather big - about 2.5" each would be OK).
  8. Rolded down the top and did a row of stitches, to quilt the fabric and backing fabric.

This picture shows clearly where the rows of stitches are to delineate the knife pickets.  Just above the top of the longest knife is a row of quilting and these's another row of quilting about half way down the knife blades

After making the knife roll it looked as though it needed some of system to keep it closed. I could have used velco but thought that gingham looked rather jolly. I bought this ribbon when in Bristol recently, went into a fabulous ribbon shop and, although I didn't need anything, couldn't resist buying some of this gingham ribbon.  
I sewed this along from the edge for about 8". 

Next time I make one of these, I'll put the gingham on right at the beginning as that would be far easier.  As they say in the computer industry, if it's not quite right the first time then it's called Version 1.

21 November
I'm making another one of these, this time in blue and green tartan to take to the craft stall in December.  Then though I'd make a similar container to keep knitting needle.  

... watch this space ...

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