Welcome to this site and please feel free look around.  

There are many subjects that I hope you'll dip into.  My main interests are creating, enjoying and organising (not being a terribly organised person).  They range from sewing to architecture and photography via humorous photos and phrases.  

Many items are on here, not necessarily for others, but so I can find them as little pieces of paper tend to get lost!

One of last year's poppies

Since starting this site, other blogs have suggested themselves, such as:
*  'Edible & Visual Gardening' for gardening and cooking
*  'Smale and other family history' 

see Links on the right hand side of the blog.

I hope you have fun seeing what's making its way onto this site and that you are also entertained following the 'Links I Like'.  

I've also started some pinboards on pinterest (, which is great fun.  You may wonder why my name on pinterest is Shusha ... well, that's what my cousin Judith used to call me when we were little as she couldn't pronounce Jennifer.