About JennyB - work in progress

Why JennyB? 

Well for many years it was plain old Jenny - but then we moved to a village where there were three other Jennys, so to avoid confusion I became JennyB - the name stuck, and I now rather like it.

Regarding this blog:  I've always enjoyed making things and exploring ideas, not always original ones but often they've been given a unique twist.  Many of these items have been used and left behind or passed on to others, so will never get onto these pages but those which are here are gradually being added.

Over the past three years, since coming across old family papers -some even dating back to the 1790s - and with the increase of information available (that awful word!) on the internet I've become very interested in genealogy and family history.  This has expanded so much that's in the process of become one (or more!) separate blogs (see links: Smale family tree).

I've just started a class playing with clay - what fun, being able to get grubby on purpose!  This is going to be a dragon plaque - a dragon with three toes, which apparently means it's Chinese. 
 Bex and me on a very cold Sunday afternoon in 
January 2010 - taking refuge at the Redcliffe

This pic is me and Mutley - one of the most beautiful 
cats ever -  ages ago, up in Walkley, Sheffield, 
probably redesigning our garden.