9 November 2012

Recently, we didn't have the internet for five weeks (five weeks!). 

So what to do in spare time? - no chance to go on facebook, pinterest or my blogs, or even look idly at stuff on the internet.

I started doing other things, crosswords, reading, sudokus, watching TV, sewing, sorting out my craft room and planning new projects. And in the day I spent time sorting out the basement storeroom, enjoying wandering in the garden and just pottering.

It was then that I started wondering if I had becom in any way addicted to going on the computer.  

Apparently, here are some of the signs of any addiction (whether it's chocolate, wine or even computer games):
  • You are unable to stop thinking about that activity (yes...).
  • It's your primary, if not only, means of relaxation (yes ...).
  • You get restless if you haven't done it in a while (yes ...)
  • It's one of your primary means of interacting with others (yes ...).
  • Your real-life friends have stopped trying to get you to reduce your time (not yet).
  • The amount of time and money spend on that activity increases over time (not yet).

Well 4/6 of the above is not too good. So, I'm now off to do some gardening, sorting, etc and enjoying having more time generally.  Blogs, pinterest, emails and facebook will have to wait.  I have life to live as well .........................

.... One week later and the storeroom's looking much better and I'm beginning to finish off some of the craft projects which have been UFOs for several years (unfinished objects).  ... But spending time on blogs, pinterest and the interest is definitely increasing, so will need to be careful.

Reading idea, recommendations for 1,001 books to read.  This was written in 2006, so there'll be quite a few to add to this list ... http://www.listology.com/ukaunz/list/1001-books-you-must-read-you-die

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