22 November 2012

Go back to basics for boomers

Mobile phone makers seem locked in a space-race trying to out-do each other with more complex functions

But are they are risk of alienating a customer-base who don't want all the bells and ring-tones - the massively lucrative baby boomeer market?

"The mobile phone industry seemed to be losing touch with a huge number of customers," says David Inns, CEO of San Diego-based Jitterbug.  "There are people who don't want a giant chunk of functionality jammed into their mobile phones."

Jitterbug aims to ring the changes with its new phone.  It has a bigger and simpler keyboard, and industry-leading background noise reduction.  When subscribers call customer serivce, they speak to an operator who helps them with tasks such as programming-in contacts.   Jitterbug also offers 24-hour roadside assistance and a Live Nurse function.

Launched in 2006 with 10 employees, Jitterbug now employs 335.  'It's a big market,' Inns explains. 'You could easily say it's a little less than half of the boomers and then go from there.'

See: http://www.greatcall.com/

From a booklet given out by HSBC - 100 Thoughts, Global Perspectives

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