10 November 2012

Part V of the 100 greatest Cornish People
Here are 81 to 100 - and a few other ideas ....

81 Prof Charles Thomas: Historian, archaeologist, writer, former director of the Institute of Cornish Studies, saviour of Gwithian Chapel, whose books include And Shall These Mute Stones Speak? and  Christian Antiquities of Camborne.  (http://cornovia-press.wikidot.com/blog:8)

Anthony Payne

82 Anthony Payne: Standing 7 ft 4 in the ‘Cornish Giant’ born at Stratton in 1612, was retainer to St Bevil Grenville and appointed Halbardier of the Guns by Charles II.

Dean Shipton

83 Dean Shipton: Launceston rugby ace (right) who captained Cornwall for their county championship victory in 1999.

Cookworthy Ware

84 William Cookworthy: First discovered china clay deposits at Breage and began working it at his factory in Plymouth

85 John Charles Williams: Gardener who worked at Caerhays Castle and Tregwainton, credited with introducing camellias to Britain.

86 Samuel Wallis: Lanteglos seafarer who discovered Easter Island and Tahiti, developed the use of Vitamin to fight scurvy and circumnativated the world in 1766 -68

87 Daniel Gumb: Linkinhorne stonemason, mathematician and astrologer who lived at the Cheesewring.

88 Harold Harvey: Penzance-born artist, only native member of The Newlyn School.
'In the Whiting Grounds' by Harold Harvey, c 1900
89 David Prowse: Marazion poet (b1850), whose collection includes Say One For Me.
Silas Kitto Hocking

90 Silas Kitto Hocking: Methodist minister and author, b 1850, from St Stephen in Brannel, first writer to sell a million books.

91 John Carter: Free trader born at Breague and known as ‘The King of Prussia’. (http://www.cornwall-calling.co.uk/famous-cornish-people/carter.htm and http://www.cornwalls.co.uk/history/people/john_carter.htm) (Where the name of the pub in Fowey comes from?)

92 William O’Bryan: Preacher born at Gunwen near Luxulan, founded the Bible Christians. (http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/1357223/William-OBryan)

93 Ken Phillipps: Roche dialectician, teacher, scholar, poet, broadcaster, author of Catching Cornwall in Flight.

Ted Gundry
94 Ted Gundry: Broadcaster for BBC Radio Cornwall, see right.

95 Nick Darke: Playwright of Portcothan, author of The King of Prussia and  The Riot.  (http://www.cix.co.uk/~shutters/reviews/99052.htm)

One of his ships

96 Edward Hain: St Ives shipping magnate, town mayor, county councillor, High Sherrif for Cornwall and Liberal-Unionist MP, knighted in 1912.

memorial to James Polkinhorne

97 James Polkinhorne: St Keverne wrestler who became West of England champion in 1826.

98: Loveday Hambley: Religious campaigner from St Tudy known at the ‘Quaker Saint of Cornwall’, she was jailed for refusing to pay church taxes.

the famous ad for Pears' Soap

99 Andrew Pears: Mevagissey-born founder of A F Pears Ltd, first made soap at Lanwhadron, St Ewe, in 1789.

100 William Golding: St Columb Minor novelist, Nobel Prize winner, Booker Prize winner, whose books include Lord of the Flies, and Rites Of Passage.

Here are some also-rans who nearly made it into the top 100:

  1. James Silk Buckingham: Cornish author, journalist and traveller (1786 - 1855).
  2. Samuel Foote: Dramatist, actor and theatre manager (1720 - 1777)
  3. David Gilbert
  4. Ann Jefferies (http://brian-haughton.com/articles/anne-jefferies-and-the-fairies/)
  5. Lady Elizabeth Treffry (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Treffry)
  6. Augustus Smith: Governor of the Isles of Scilly for over 30 years and largely responsible for the economy of the islands as it is today (lived 1804 - 1872).
  7. Nicholas Holman: Founder of Holman Brothers (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holman_Brothers)
  8. Andrew  George MP
  9. Richard Jenkin
  10. Robert Were Fox (http://www.quaker.org.uk/robert-were-fox-younger-1789-1877)
  11. Lord Vivian
  12. Sir Geoffrey Arundel
  13. John Trevisa
  14. Rowena Cade
  15. Hill Bawden
  16. Roger Taylor
  17. King Hywel
  18. Sir Bevil Grenville
  19. William Scawen
  20. E G Retallack-Hooper
  21. Matthew Taylor MP
  22. Len Fruran
  23. Josiah Thomas
  24. Andrew Langdon
  25. Samuel Enys
  26. G Pawley White
  27. Isaac Foot
  28. William Bottrell
  29. Jane Trevithick (long suffering wife of No 1 – would she have voted him top?)
  30. John pardoe
  31. Bernard Deakin
  32. Bishop Benson
  33. Radolphus Tonn
  34. Mark Guy Pearse
  35. Gary Tregidga
  36. Robyn Davies
  37. Francis Tregian
  38. Mary Kelynack
  39. Cormoran
  40. Merv Davey
  41. Mary Bryant
  42. W Tregoning-Hooper
  43. Rita Tregellas Pope
  44. Joan Rendell
  45. Thomasina Bonaventura
  46. Pol Hodge
  47. Dr Ken George
  48. Henry Bone
  49. Oliver Foot
  50. Charles Lemon (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Lemon)
  51. Claude Berry
  52. King Mark
  53. Alan M Kent
  54. Sir Henry Quick
  55. Sir Henry Still
  56. Derek Tangye
  57. Kenneth Pelmear
  58. Paul Laity
  59. CC Vyvyan, author.
  60. Charles Peach,(http://www.geocurator.org/arch/Curator/Vol7No9.pdf)
  61. D M Thomas
  62. Mark Kaczmarek
  63. Goff Richards
  64. Dr John Rowe
  65. Freddy Zapp (http://www.freddyzapp.com/)
  66. Joe Trewavas
  67. Tim Smit
  68. Joan the Wad, the Queen of the Piskeys.
  69. Fox, Robert Were
    Robert Were Fox, No 10 above
perhaps we could make this number up to 100 as well!

see also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_people_from_Cornwall and http://www.yor-tec.co.uk/cornwall/famous.htm

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