16 September 2012

We've just returned from a fun week in Derbyshire.  Fun compared with Paignton? Well, yes it was, there was such a choice of things on offer - and that didn't include the stunning scenery and excellent food.
Darley Park
So will now try and recapitulate:

Friday:  Viewed a bungalow we rather like the look of - and it ticks nearly all the boxes.  Let's hope it's still on the market when we're free to buy!  Had my hair trimmed which was a wonderful feeling as it was way overdue and I felt like one of those Highland sheep. 
A banner seen in the Guildhall Market, celebration of the 2012 London Olympics
Wandered down to town and popped into Derby Cathedral where we saw an exhibition of bobbin lace (http://lace.lacefairy.com/Lace/BeginGuide.html).  It looks so straightforward and impressive that I'd like to take it up that as a hobby when we move up to Derby, haven't seen classes for bobbin lace making down in Devon.

Saturday:  Afternoon leisurely walk near Ambergate, along the path by the leafy canal.

Later we went to Denby Pottery (http://www.denby.co.uk/dinnerware/icat/favourites/) where we bought some bowls to complement our original set.  Our design is now out of production, so they don't match but they do look good together.  Is discontinuing a design a conspiracy to make us buy more - or more a reflection of changing fasion?

Sunday: Drove early to Wirksworth Festival (http://www.wirksworthfestival.co.uk/), so we could get a parking space, but it was lucky that we did arrive early as there was so much to see. 

: After an early start and long walk we got into position, halfway up a hill, to watch part of day 2 of the Cycle Tour of Britain 2012(
http://www.tourofbritain.com/_ns_race/): Wiggins, Cavendish and four others appeared, followed much later by the rest of them.
I was amazed at the size of the entourage - many police motorcycles, camera motorcycles, back-up cars. One cyclist was even having his rear wheel oiled en-route!  It was difficult to know whether to clap and enjoy the moment or take a photo for posterity, so I did both - neither successfully! 
 Afterwards we wandered around Maynall Langley Garden Centre (http://www.meynell-langley-gardens.co.uk/).  We looked at plants but were careful not to be tempted as we are, after all, in the process of moving house.  This was followed by a super lunch, with all the family.

Tuesday: Sudbury Hall (http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/sudburyhall/?campid=MIDPPCand Museum of Childhood.  Played connect4 and chess on the grass outside the stable block, before having a lovely picnic lunch.  Had a conducted tour part of the of the Hall, followed by a quick peruse of the Museum of Childhood.  Must go back again, and this time see the rest of the Hall, have more of a walk around the grounds and sample the cafe.  It was fun seeing a large party of primary school children having a day out too.

The Long Gallery at Sudbury Hall - for ladies to promenade on wet days - and somewhere big enough to 'hang' all the relatives.

Wednesday: wended our way home, after a walk in Darley Park.  Called in at Westbury Court Garden (http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/westbury-court-garden/).

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