15 September 2012

Hair ideas for a square face

Avoid short crops symmetry or anything geometric which emphasises the squareness and go for soft curves and swings which will soften the jaw line.  Aim for a slightly pointy look, leaving bits s falling forwards to break lines.  Have it graduating at the bottom, not club cut.  If hair is long, make sure there is fullness at the top and up0per sides to balance the jaw line.  Avoid hard sleek lines, but don’t go mad on waves and curls, aim for soft ones.

Elongate a Square with the right Hair
The square face can be elongated somewhat by added height on the top of the head. Layers on the crown and parting your hair off center help to reduce a square look. Wispy bangs and temples soften the squareness too, and may add roundness. Wavy hair adds to the softening effect; straight lines, straight bangs and straight or flat hair are to be avoided. Short or medium hair looks nice. Don't let any haircut end at your jawline.

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