15 September 2012

A teacher’s guide to understanding your child’s and-of-year report

  • Satisfactory progress: I can’t think of a single interesting thing to say about him.
  • Good progress: If you think his work’s bad now, you should have seen it last term.
  • Expresses himself confidently: Cheeky little oik.
  • Lively: Thoroughly disruptive.
  • A sensitive child: Whiny.
  • Reliable: Creep.
  • Imaginative: Never short of an excuse.
  • Easy-going: Bone idle.
  • Friendly: Never shuts up.
  • Is easily upset: Spoilt rotten.
  • Determined: Lacking all scruples.
  • Independently-minded: Obstinate.
  • Adventurous: Can’t understand why he hasn’t broken his neck.
  • Easily distracted: Yet to finish a piece of work.
  • Easily influenced: Nerd.
  • Mature expression: Stop doing his homework.
  • Enjoys all PE activities: Thug.
  • Good with his hands: Light-fingered.
  • Works better in small groups: Damage-limitation exercise.
  • Works better at practical activities: Totally illiterate.
  • A born leader: Runs the playgroups protection racket.
  • Needs praise and encouragement: As thick as two short planks.
  • A rather solitary child: Smells or has nits.
  • Popular at playtime: Sells pornography.
Do you remember which one you were?! 

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