15 September 2012

Diary of a house buyer - and seller  Part VI, September 2012

4 September: Just returned from an afternoon walk at Oldway Mansion (http://www.torquay.com/attractions/ oldway-mansion-paignton) to see a BT van in the drive, someone come to check our line – with no advance notice!  There seems to be a problem with the line so therefore they’ll be unable to connect us on 6 September.

6 September: Another operative from BT came, said the line had been mended, so now we could be connected up.  But that we weren’t to use the phone/internet for several hours.

7 September: At last we have phone/internet!   Now we need to tell everybody and seek some sort of compensation from Talktalk for the extra costs involved.

13 September: Just returned from Derby where we saw two bungalows which could be suitable.  We were looking as the house we were originally to move into has had an offer, but not too much as no point in looking to be disappointed.  

We were lucky to be able sell on the house survey which we’d paid for, for just over half price, which recoups some of the money expended on the house - and lucky for the new purchasers.   Perhaps in the long run it'll be better as we'd really rather have a bungalow than a house - easier maintenance.

The good news is that our new bed  (it was to be new house/new bed!) has arrived and it's magic.  It has controllers on both sides of the bed and the mattresses can be raised and lowered, either separately - or together.  I just hope I don't get sandwiched in the middle!

15 September: No more viewers, despite the house having a big spread in the local paper last week.  Sounds like we are definitely back to square one - but at least we now have a (comparatively) tidy, minimalist house.  I'm keen to do more unpacking and sorting, once the weather deteriorates.  

In the meantime, it's a lovely Indian summer, so the solar panels are doing us proud.  The end of this month will be exactly a year since they were fitted so we'll be able to see how much benefit they've been.  We have had a reduction in electricity bills (although haven't noticed much as the cost of fuel has increased astronomically) but by the looks of things we may be on target for as much as £1,600 in feedback tariff - not a bad return on the original investment of £13,770 made last year.  It's a pity that potential buyers don't realise that this amount of money is guaranteed (tax free) for the next 24 years.

20 September:  Today we had some viewers, a young couple who are very busy, so can only look at prospective properties at weekends.  They're looking at about ten houses every weekend until they find somewhere suitable.  This must be quite boggling (did that last house have a sunny garden - or was that the one with the pokey loft?).  However, the upshot was that they wanted a more 'useable' garden, somewhere safe where the children could play and didn't feel that our garden fitted that category.  I agree totally as it's so important to have a child-friendly garden.

28 September:  Today it's exactly one year since the solar panels were fitted and we have made £1,604.25 profit - plus the reduction in electricity costs over that period.  This scheme was certainly worthwhile.

29 September: Still awaiting the compensation from Talktalk for loss of service for nearly six weeks which, it was promised would arrive by yesterday.

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