17 May 2011

Cats and other animals

Malcolm with his magazine ..............

 Tiger the Night-time Owl 
(especially when she swivels her head) 
and looks wise

Malcolm, letting it all hang out on a hot day

Below: Koala Bear in Tasmania

 Sooty, Jenny and friends - at the Sportsman's Arms, Menheniot - mid 1950s

Malcolm surprised by all this snowy weather on 
the English Riviera - probably next year's Christmas Card

 Wilf (after St Wilfred's Church, Kibworth) - one of the nicest ever cats!

 I can't remember his name - Judith Harrison brought him home
from a garden party in Saltash in the late 1960s - not one of the friendliest cats,
although very handsome.

 I found this pic on the internet and loved it.

Punch with Vera, Palace Hotel, Torquay

 Shoo Shoo, 1974, when very tiny.

Sooty the Derbyshire Bullterrier, Winter 1963, near Hessenford.

Suna (she'd sooner be with us) and Jenny, 36 Callington Road, Saltash, late 1960s.

Me with two Devon Rexes - in Devon - early 1980s

Two cats together, facing the same direction - most unusual 
as they don't usually deign to share the same room.

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