20 May 2011

My 60th Birthday

This was taken on my 60th Birthday, quite an occasion as it was the first time I'd been out and about for over three months, hence the wan smile.

Vicky and Steve came down for the weekend and we had Dinner out on 
the Saturday - and Lunch out on the Sunday - what fun!  Having said that we usually love to have a meal out and a meal at home, cooked by us all, together, when they come for the weekend, as both are special. 
It would be even more special if one day all four daughters (and families) could be together with us but I don't think that even our large kitchen would be big enough for us all to cook in at the same time.

 Dorothy, taken actually on The Day.

An a blast from the past: Dorothy and me on my 22nd Birthday (taken  from an old slide) - note the skirt is only about 1" longer than the jumper!

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