30 May 2011

some of the hings I have made over the years

This picture is from the instructions I followed back in the late 1970s at woodwork classes in Torbay to make a brick trolley for Fi to enjoy - and she did!
 A phone pouch made recently which is big enough to hold the earpiece for listening to music when up at the allotment.

 Shopping Trolley revitalised, this was done at a class provided by the Adult Education Classes here in Paignton - a class called 'Make Do and Mend'.  This used a long denim skirt from a charity shop and a piece of leftover curtain fabric.

These are some of the many blankets and throws I've made over the years.   Some have been given away or gone to charity and there's a delightful, small one which I made once when Fiona was ill and crocheted as I sat by her bedside for a few days.  That rug will always be kept.  Will put a photo on here next time I'm up in the attic and come across it.

Below is a recently made crochet rug using an unusual stitch which resulted in a sort of round-square shape.  It's wonderfully warm and cosy and was fun to make.

Some sites to help to learn how to crochet:

Site with excellent diagrams:

This looks like a good series of videos to help learn to crochet:

Looks like another good site: 

Malcolm on his rug

One of the no-sew cushions which Fiona made - 
everyone loves to cuddle into their shape.
Made for 11 March 1992 - Dorothy's 70th Birthday


  1. I recovered my trolley and now I love it even more. Sewing and recycling - The combination of two beautiful things. The 'new' trolley was so easy to do, so I put a step by step tutorial on my blog WWW.sewforsoul@blogspot.co.uk

  2. Thank you giving this link as often I don't get round to giving full details of how to make things.