20 May 2011

Two brave souls emerging from the sea on Boxing Day
and posing, shivering for their photocall!

This photo was taken a couple of years ago when Steve and Dave took part in the Annual Paignton Lions (thus Lion outfit) Boxing Day Walk Into The Sea.  By this time they were very, very cold and looking forward to driving home and having a shower and hot drink.
The Lions raise money every year and give to local and international worthy causes.
It's also a fun organisation to belong to, this year we've had a skittles match, games evening and were to have a boat trip but the weather wasn't kind.  We have stalls at many local events and run an Easter Egg Hunt every year on Goodrington Sands.

On this site there's even a pic of David in his Lions outfit!

21 July 2011
Last evening we had a fun social at Paul and Mary's - 
with lots of lovely food, drink and company. 
Then we played table cricket. 
As our names came first alphabetically, David and I were team captains.  
Our team won the toss so I chose second in to bat, so we could review the other team's tactics.  And it worked - as we won!!


  1. I'd rather be in the kitchen decorated the cake!

  2. Definitely, esp as Vicky made them pose before letting them get in the car to go home!