16 May 2011

My craft activities with help from Malcolm

Dorothy's new summer bag: 
Green/Beige on one side; Purple-ish shades of the reverse.
Made using crazy patchwork with the lining made from old cushion, complete with zip.

 Dolly: I never did get round to giving her a face - perhaps she's shy.

She's been living up on the window in the attic room and 
unfortunately her turquoise and green boots have faded in the sun.

Special no-sew cushions made by Fi

Tiger loves them

 Vase, with Vicky's frame (made years ago, and treasured) in the background.

 Platter and bowl


 This ended up being part of Canada _unfortunately it's upside down here!

Leaves and lucky insect.

Kitchen cannister.

Fun Fish

 'Chicken Shack' bag.

Another favourite bag, unfortunately sold so now gone.

 Silk Purse which again, with it's partner, has now been sold.

 Above and below: some stuff 

Done on a workshop with Westcountry Embroiderers - I don't usually 
finish things so this was quite an achievement.

 Fiona's picture of her bedroom .... and below some of her A level paintings ....

Birch trees in the snow done at a watercolour class.

Wherever I am, there is Malcolm, we do wonder sometimes 
if he's really a faithful dog, rather than a lucky black cat.

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