16 May 2011

Torbay Views and Inspirations

 Coverdale Tower in Paignton is adjacent to Paignton Parish Church 
and is named after Bishop Miles Coverdale, who published 
an English translation of the Bible in 1536. 

 Crabpots at Paignton Harbour, looking north towards Torquay

 Oldway Mansion, built by Isaac Merritt Singer, of Sewing Machine fame

 Paignton Harbour, again looking torwards Torquay

The cliff at Goodrington

Torbay viewed from the seaward side, when out with a boat trip with the Paignton Lions

Looking up for rain one day - what vegetable growers are often 
seeking - I saw these seagulls. It's unusual, as we live high up 
we often look down on seagulls as they fly past, which is really weird.

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