25 August 2014


Dominic Smales' tips for wannabe vloggers: that's Video Blogger for the uninitiated.  Something I'd never heard of, I just thought it would be called video blogging.

  • Be yourself: don't try to be what you think an audience needs you to be because the engagement and relationships will be borne out of your true personality.
  • Be totally honest.
  • Create content you are passionate about, because you will not be able to maintain enthusiasm for something you are not genuinely excited about. That up-at-dawn obsession will keep you going.
  • Make sure you light videos properly and the audio is good.  You can't just switch on your camera.  If the lighting is rubbish and no-one can hear what you are saying the chance of your personality coming across is minimal.
  • Don't sign anything.

Dominic Smales: https://www.thedrum.com/thedrumlive/users/dominicsmales

and: http://www.marketingweek.co.uk/how-dominic-smales-got-ahead/2055511.article

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