4 September 2014

On Monday we motored up to Edinburgh, stopping at Westmorland Services (http://www.westmorland.com/) for a tasty lunch, sitting looking at the fantastic Lake District scenery with pond and ducks in the foreground.  A very popular place now, with restaurant, farm shop and also selling clothes, children's toys and gifts.  Having said that, they are getting rather expensive, so may perhaps price themselves out of the market.  This would be rather a shame as we're so lucky to have such a great place to stop en route to Scotland, especially as it's more or less half way.
As we were a little early, and it had been a long journey, we stopped off at Castlelaw Hill Fort in the Pentland Hills for a wee walk.  Couldn't walk very far as they were firing but got a taste for the place and will no doubt return as the views were pretty spectacular. (http://www.henniker.org.uk/html/_pentlands_Cas.htm)

Tuesday:  walked into Edinburgh city centre and over to the Scottish Parliament building to view The Great Tapestry of Scotland, which is on display there until 13 September.  After that date it'll be moving down to New Lanark.  The 140 plus panels are well worth seeing. (http://www.scotlandstapestry.com/).  To add to the fun, we added some stitches to a final panel which is to be completed by visitors each sewing a bit, then it'll be permanently on display in Edinburgh.

This is the part of the tapestry which we contributed to, see the leaves on the left hand side.
On the way back home, further up to the Royal Mile, we popped into the  People's Story Museum (free entry), which is well worth a visit: http://www.edinburghmuseums.org.uk/Venues/The-People-s-Story.

Wednesday we visited the National Portrait Gallery of Scotland (http://www.nationalgalleries.org/portraitgallery), especially to view the John Byrne Sitting Ducks exhibition, which runs 'til 19 October (http://www.nationalgalleries.org/whatson/exhibitions/john-byrne).

Thursday:  We made our way south again, back to reality after a lovely break.

There was much talk amongst friends and relatives about the forthcoming referendum on Scottish independence.  Views ranged from 'we're well able to run our own affairs, we're a rich country' to 'where will I renew my tax disc?  Will an independent Scotland mean that we have duplicates of all government offices?  And if so, will that increase costs?'  Somehow I do feel that people are not really sure of the ramifications of what they're voting for and will they vote with their heads or their hearts? see: https://www.gov.uk/government/topical-events/scottish-independence-referendum

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