11 September 2014

Taping the top 40, watching TV together and other pleasures lost to today's children
Top of the Pops: 1978
The Sunday night ritual of tuning into the new top 40 on the radio and recording it on an old-fashioned cassette tape is the lost childhood pleasure modern parents most wish their children could have shared.
Writing letters to penfriends and gathering around the TV to watch Top Of the Pops are also much lamented memories of a bygone era, according to a survey.
Just over half of the 2,000 parents polled said that they pined for what they saw as the simpler childhoods experienced by those growing up in the Nineties.  Other prized memories included the delayed pleasure of waiting for pre-digital photographs to be developed, and browsing the shelves of the video shop, searching for a film to hire.
They also longer for the days when they could make plans with their family and friends which were not subject to constant change due to mobile phones.
The nostalgia list was commissioned for the premiere of Girl Meets World, a new series following in the footsteps of Boy Meets World from that decade.  It will be screened by the Disney Channel from 12 September.

Top 10 Things parents most miss for their family

  1. Making tape recordings of weekly top 40
  2. Having penfriends
  3. Watching Top of the Pops
  4. Singles on vinyl or cassette
  5. Handwritten thank-you notes.
  6. Waiting for photographs to be developed.
  7. Watching Saturday night TV with the family.
  8. Nineties toys
  9. Hiring videos.
  10. Making solid plans (which do not change as a result of mobile communications)
Nothing to do with the article, I just liked the cartoon!

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