12 August 2014

Some of Jack's pearls of wisdom

Recently found amongst my father's papers

  • A few drops of anchovy sauce will boost a stew.  It doesn't taste fishy - just brings out the flavour.
  • A cooling hint for hot weather: keep a spare pair of knickers in the fridge (Anne Gregg).
  • Never offend anyone by accident (Kate Whitehorn).
  • Use only pencil to fill-in your address book (Lady Cudlipp).
  • Nail varnish will last longer and clog less if kept in the fridge.
  • For a smoother-looking hairstyle, don't use your hairspray direct - spray it on the brush instead (a hairstylist).
  • There is only one thing worse than being talked about, and that's not being talked about (Oscar Wilde).

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