9 August 2014

Go easy on the feta as those salty cheeses could damage your health

Although cheese may protect against Type 2 diabetes*, 'they' now say that cheese is saltier than we think and may be damaging health.  

The recommended daily adult amount is 6g - and it's important to remember that our bodies need some salt in order to function.  But 100g of, for instance, Feta cheese, gives us 2.51g of salt.  

But who eats 100g of cheese in a day?  Surely it depends on what else we eat that day, how hot the weather is, how much liquid we consume, our age, and even whether we have a tendency to high blood pressure?

It's good that this has been pointed out to us but I was always taught - and believe - that a little of what you fancy ...

(see: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/11016466/Halloumi-and-blue-cheese-saltier-than-seawater.html)

* Saturated fats are not all the same, those in cheese, yoghurt and other dairy products may actually be good for us (see: http://www.newsmaxhealth.com/diabetes/diabetes-cheese-prevention/2014/08/07/id/587515)

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