27 July 2014

I've just made an 'anywhere seat' for granddaughter - as seen on marzipan.com

It took about an hour and my daughter is very pleased with - furthermore it cost absolutely nothing as was made from leftover fabric from other projects.

These are the materials needed to make this very useful item:
  • half a yard strong cotton fabric for the outer
  • half a yard cotton fabric for the inner
  • half a yard of batting
  • 5" Velcro
(1)   In outer fabric:
       Cut one long piece 37" x 6" 
       Cut one 19" x 11"
       Cut one 5.5" x 4"

(2)   Do the same for inner fabric

(3)   Do the same for the batting

The instructions on how to make up the seat are at: http://www.madebymarzipan.com/?tutorial=anywhere-chair#sthash.BmkmYVSI.dpuf
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