5 July 2014

How to do mature chic
from an article by Eve Pollard, author and journalist

no that's not me but I looked just like that!
It's very easy to just wear jeans and baggy t-shirts every day, with perhaps a fleece for when it gets chillier.  

I found I was in that rut a couple of years ago so firstly ditched the fleece top, except when absolutely necessary and instead wore a proper coat.  Immediately I felt a whole lot smarter and it wasn't that difficult to have to choose the right coat for the outfit.

Changing from wearing jeans has been more of a challenge as, apart from skinny jeans (which don't even fit my legs!), there only seem to be denim jeans or else smart black work trousers.  Smart black trousers are ok in the winter but now in the summer I've been looking for some lighter-coloured smart trousers.

T-shirts are not always easy as it doesn't take much for them to start going out of shape and tatty but they still have lots of wear in them.  My solution at present is a plan to make them into some sort of throw, so they've been hoiked out of the drawer and put into a huge bag in the spare room.  Whether the said throw will ever be made, at least those tatty t-shirts are out of the way pro tem.

I've also realised that the older we get the less we're able to get away with wearing cheap clothes - cheap fabrics and cheap cuts   they only look ok for a couple of wearings.  Here are a few ideas, some of which I've already discovered, but perhaps it's important to be reminded of them regularly.  And there are other sites below:

Find the right basics: Head to M&S for a good bra fitting.  It can slim you instantly and make whatever you wear on top look so much better.

Sleeves are the way to go:  Once you reach a certain age you need sleeves, otherwise all you see is bingo wings - no matter how much exercise you do.  Three-quarters length sleeves are especially flattering and if you can't avoid sleeveless garments, hide them with a smart blazer.

The art of buying a dress:  Look for dresses with a little bit of give for those bloated days - expire line is flattering, as is a straight shift - and cut off the dress wherever your leg is the slimmest.   For the many of you who live alone, look for dresses without zips, so you can manage yourself.

Chic colours:  Although black is smart, as you age it's nice to wear a bit of colour too. Jewel tones such as reds, blues and purples always suit mature women.  have something pale next to your face, however, as it brightens the complexion, perhaps pearl studs or a light-coloured scarf, as they draw the attention away from the face.

Dress-down well:  Your age shouldn't mean that you can't wear jeans or trainers. Go to a shop when it's quiet and there'll always be someone on hand to help.  A straight-cut jean in a medium blue is classic and always looks good.  Then for trainers, the all-black or all-white trainers are great because they're plain with no logos.  If you want to wear heels, it's a great year for old-lady shoes, classic court kitten heels are on sale everywhere.

Make up is key:  Use all the help you can get, lots of make-up and a good fringe to hide the wrinkles.   Stay clear of anything glittery as it settles in the wrinkles.  Eye make-up is more important because the eyes become sunken, even false lashes, the short stubby variety somehow make the eyes look prettier.

Here are some good ideas: 

  • http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/05/14/advanced-style-an-ode-to-old-lady-chic.html 
  • http://advancedstyle.blogspot.co.uk/
  • http://www.thebudgetfashionista.com/fashion-advice-older-women// (three pages of advice and ideas)
  • http://www.amazon.com/The-Wardrobe-Wakeup-Looking-Fabulous/dp/076244584X
  • http://www.yellowtrace.com.au/design-free-thursday-advanced-style/

Also see pinterest: 

For hair style ideas: http://dressingyourtruth.com/styles-for-women-over-50/

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