23 December 2012

Ten Top Tips for the Last-minute Shopper
(with men in mind ... )

  • Rifle through her dressing table and buy refills of cosmetics she is running low on.
  • Avoid anti-ageing creams and anything else that smacks of correcting imperfections (tweezers, hair removal lotions, leg waxing packs).  Not so daft as it sounds, once a male friend bought me some dandruff shampoo!
  • Massive brownie points if you buy her something she'll actually wear.  Buy too large, though, and you're in big trouble.
  • Keep the receipt so she can take backyour gift if it's the wrong colour/absolutely revolting. And don't feel you've failed if she does change it.
  • Buy for her, not for you (this includes everything from lingerie to box sets of Arsenal's greatest goals).
  • Always say yes, if you assistant offers to gift-wrap your present.
  • Think goddess, not domestic: resist the temptation to buy oven mitts, ironing boards or food mixers.  Again not so daft, I knew someone whose husband bought her a microwave for Christmas!
  • Feel the quality: cashmere rather than cotton, silk rather than wool.  Avoid nylon nightmares.
  • Book and music tokens can work, but airline tickets for a surprise winter break work even better.
  • If it's got to be flowers, wrap them in paper you have bought yourself.  The same applies to bottles of booze: remove the tombola/raffle ticket.
From the Daily Telegraph

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