4 December 2012

Last month we had "National Ask Your Pharmacist Week".  Did you notice, I certainly didnt!
Most pharmacists:

  1. Dispense NHS medicines and supply a range of other medicines.
  2. Give brief advice on healthy lifie-styles including physical activity, smoking, h ealthy eating and safe alcohol use.
  3. Deliver NHS health promotion campaigns.
  4. Signpost to other healthy services and support
  5. Conduct medicines check-ups for people with long-term conditions.
Also many pharmacies also carry out:
  1. Screening and treatment for chlamydia.
  2. NHS and private stop smoking counselling.
  3. NHS minor ailments schemes (where you can obtain prescription medicines without going to your GP).
  4. NHS substance misue and harm reduction services.
  5. NHS and private emergency hormonal contraception and related sexual health support.
  6. NHS and private vascular risk assessment service.
  7. Flu vaccinations.
Some pharmacies also:
  1. Screen for hepatitis.
  2. Screen for alltergies.
  3. Prescribe medicines.
  4. Supply oral contraception on the NHS.
  5. Host of employ NHS health trainers.

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