12 December 2012

I've often wondered how to decorate a long narrow room and recently dug out these notes, which you may find illuminating too:
  1. Don't treat it as one room: divide, perhaps using a corner arrangement but treat it as one continuous space ...
  2. Think of traffic flow and keep traffic to one side
  3. Try and avoid sitting looking straight at nearside wall, looking the length of the room will be more satisfying
  4. Have a piece of furniture near the end of stop the eye
  5. Where is the focal point? It's best not on  the end wall
  6. Decorate the long walls with cool light colours
  7. lighting - recessed shelving, towards groups of items.
  8. small stools, cubes.
  9. Put the bookshelves on short walls
  10. However, if you do have to have bookshelves on the long walls, start half way up, so floor space seems wider as not all the room is narrowed

See also: http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/home/how-to-work-a-long-skinny-room1.htm




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