20 June 2012

You know you're in 'Barnsley' if ...

  • you identify a Sheffield accent as southern
  • you have ever been frostbitten and suntanned in the same week
  • 'down south' to you means Chapeltown
  • you were brassed off by the movie Brassed Off
  • summat to eight is a meal, not a time of day
  • you  have one word: 'ayup,, which means 'hello', 'how are you?', 'that's this?', 'hang on a minute' and 'bloody hell!'.
  • you know that Jump is a real place
  • you think there should be a 'southern puff, go home' bumper sticker on every car north of Ecclesfield
  • kids roar.
  • pop is a drink, not your dad.
  • you are unaware there is a legal drinking age
  • you have caught a fish in the Dearne and it glowed in the dark.
  • you don't have a coughing fit from one sip of Barnsley Bitter.
  • you proudly claim that the Town Hall is the highest point in England.
  • You can pronounce 'Alhambra' but can't spell it.

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