4 June 2012

The Top 100 Cornish People, Part II

... from a 2002 survey, found in the Western Morning News

21 William Bligh
Much-maligned (largely due to his big screen portrayal) sea captain from St Tudy, famous for his role in the Mutiny on the bounty incident, after which he undertook a superb act of seamanship by navigating an open boat thousands of miles to Timor in the Dutch East Indes.

22  Richard Lander
Truro explorer who charted the River Niger.  See: http://www.nmmc.co.uk/index.php?/whatson/events_

23  Robert Morton Nance
Cultural crusader who created the Federation of Old Cornwall Societies in 1920 in order to 'gather up the fragments' of Cornish culture so that they would not be lost to future generations. With Henry Jenner was the first Grand Bard of the Gorsedd.  See: http://www.stivestrust.co.uk/html/robert_morton_nance.html

24  Jethro
Comedian of stage and screen whose act includes The Camborne Train.  See: http://www.jethro.co.uk/about.htm

25  William Bickford
19th century leather trader from Tuckingmill who invented the miner's slow-burning safety fuse using flax yarn and gunpowder, a device that prevented many deaths and injuries both in Cornish mines and around the world.  See

26  Trevelyan Richards
Coxswain of the Penlee Lifeboat Solomon Browne, who lost his life on 19 December 1981.

27  Henry Martyn
Melancholy Truro missionary andcoriental scholar who first translated the Bible into Sanskrit, Hindustani and other Eastern languages. See http://www.christianity.com/ChurchHistory/11630337/

28  Ed Prynn
Mystic, arch-druid, quarryman born at St Merryn in 1936, who built a granite henge at his home.  See: http://www.edprynnsstonehenge.com/

29  Ben Luxon
Redruth singer who became one of the world's greatest opera stars.
See also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbL5MiR3t1g and http://www.cpbn.org/article/former-opera-singer-

30  Thomas Merritt
Music teacher, organist and choirmaster born at Illogan in 1863, whos Christmas Carols are still sung all over the world.  Also wrote anthems, oratorios, cantatas and hymns.   See: http://www.cambornechurch.org.uk/outlook/2008-
christmas/thomas-merritt-cornish-composer/ and http://www.saint-illogan.org.uk/history/thomasmerritt.htm

31  Rick Rescoria
Hayle-born hero who gave his life in the Twin Towers attack on 11 September 2001, after leading thousands of people to safety while singing Cornish and American songs.  See: http://rickrescorla.com/

32  St Petroc
A patron saint of Cornwall, along with Pirvan and Michael.  The son of a Welsh king, he is said to have arrived in North Cornwall around the Camel Estuary, where he stayed for 30 years performing miracles.  See: http://www.catholicherald.co.uk/spirituallife/saintoftheweek/

33  Ann Trevenen Jenkin
First woman Grand Bard of the Gorsedd, an immensely influential figure in modern Cornish cultural and political life and particularly noted for her work to increase links with the six million-strong diaspora of Cornish descent worldwide.  See: http://www.gorsethkernow.org.uk

34  Bert Biscoe
Politician, councillor, chairman of the Cornish Constitutional Convention, poet, at the forefront of the campaign to establish a Cornish Assembly (Senedh Kernow). See: http://www.bertbiscoe.co.uk/

35  John Angarrack
Bodmin political activist and historian.
See: http://anhelghyer.wordpress.com/

36  Dolly Pentreath
Mousehole fish jowster reputed to have been the last person to speak Cornish as a first language, who died in 1771.  See: http://www.stevecolgan.com/Cornish%20Folklore%20Site/
witch_stories.htm and http://www.flickr.com/photos/blech/248880740/

37  Jack Clemo
Deaf and blind poet and author from Goonamaris who eloquently captured the clay country around his home in works like Confessions of a Rebel, Wilding Graft and The invading Gospel. See: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/

38  Robert Stephen Hawker
Morwenstow vicar and author who wrote The Song of the Western Men (Trelawny) and created the Harvest Festival service.
see: http://www.robertstephenhawker.co.uk/?p=61

39  Sir Richard Grenville
Bude military leader who commanded HMS Revenge, Drake's flagship, during numerous battles with Spain. See: http://www.sciencephoto.com/media/151493/view

40  Lilla Miller 
(Mrs Rosewarne)
Known as the 'Queen of Camborne', comedian and entertainer whose recordings include A Bit of a Chat. See: http://www.quintessencefilms.co.uk/

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