20 June 2012

Stocking Fillers - extract from a letter in the paper many years ago:
'Some years ago, when I left home, my mother gave me a list of what she believed to be the contents of a traditional Christmas stocking, together with a brief explanation as to why each item should be included.  It went as follows:
  • Socks, pants, hanky, toothbrush: the emergency kit.
  • Pencil, notebook: to use later to record who sent what.
  • Book/toy, food: to keep the child quiet for another few minutes.
  • Chocolate money: reminder of the gold
  • Shiny money: St Mick's first gift.
  • Smelly: the frankincense.
  • Spicy: the myrrh.
  • Candle/torch: the light of the world.
  • Round thing, ball: the world.
  • Soft toy: the animals and lambs.
  • Tangerine: gold, found and food.
  • Nuts: the hard life of the Christ child.
  • Mouse: traditional? but why?
Over the years I have found many people who agreed that the stocking out to contain such a variety of things, without necessarily sharing the reasons, but no one has ever been able to supply an explanation for the mouse.'

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