20 July 2011


Time to put on a few views from our house:
 This series of pictures was taken at 6.03am on 31 August 2011, funnily enough the 'red sky in the morning' didn't hold as it turned out to be a lovely sunny day!  The first pic is looking SE towards Brixham, the second is looking due East towards the sea the the last two pics are looking NE at Torquay.

Looking towards Brixham on a sunny August evening - about 8pm

 Lancaster Bomber going around

Towards Torquay

Looking towards Brixham

Front garden

HMS Bulwark saluting us - 22.7.2011

a cloud

 David contemplating, building his wall.

Annual Brixham Trawler Race at the end of June 2011.

 Part of a rainbow

 Stupendous Sunrise one January morning

 And equally stupendous moonshine over Tor Bay

View from the decking


  1. it certainly is and we never tire of it - having said that we often forget to look at it and have started taking it for granted.