21 July 2011

Cats and Harbour Rise - it's just so exciting to have a camera again.

The camera has arrived, so here are some photos of the cats.  The cats are seven years old this month - is that 49 in human years, like dogs?  If so, they're still not as old as us!:

 Malcolm, too laid-back to stir - even when 
a flash is going off overhead

Tiger averting her eyes

Tiger again.

We've just returned from a Garden Party at Harbour Rise (see Link on the right).  It was a lovely day, so long as we ignored paper plates flying around in the wind and here are some pics:
View of the garden looking towards the sea

Mark, one of the owners with some guests
Harbour Rise website is  http://www.harbourrise.co.uk/

Most people had gone by the time I took these photos.

 Malcolm was there to greet us when we came home and here 
he is with some of our raffle prizes. Note Box of Chox 
and Bottle of Red Wine.

Dorothy sitting down recovering from a tiring afternoon 
with some of her mates
(the bandage is where she trapped her hand in her door)
 Dorothy's kitchen area

 A better view of the bottom of the garden with palm trees, the Bay and Torquay in the background.

 View of Dorothy's living area, looking dull 
as it was such a lovely sunny day. 
Note the blanket David crocheted for Dorothy 
and the bench just outside her door.

Dorothy's bedroom area

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