9 July 2011

Abstract Art - how to understand it

Like many people I would love to have studied Art - or gone to Art School - or even done O Level  Art (that's GCSE in old money).  I didn't understand Art much until daughter Fi studied GCSE, A level Art and then an Art Foundation course, when I realised how interesting it could be.

Improvisation 7" [1910] by Wassily Kandinsky. 

I love the colours, shapes, that it could say something to one person and something completely different to another - or even to the same person depending on their perspective at that time.


this is random blottings, touched up with doodling.



I love the idea of this being practical (you'll never lose your pen again!) and abstract.  
Why should functional items be boring?  (See Alessi citrus juicer)

A seascape - water running down the shower - looking  into infinity - ?
Why should a picture HAVE to represent anything?  Why can't it just BE.?


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