5 July 2011

Allotment today

I've been up to the allotment again today - watering in the vain hope that it'll encourage some rain to fall.

No camera so can't take a photo but it was lovely picking: peas, beetroot, lettuce, courgettes, radishes and raspberries.  Also picked some broccoli and greens at home, have left some of the broccoli to go to seed to encourage the bees.

The beetroot looked so yummy that I immediately pressure-cooked them and ate one and it was wonderful and sooo sweet!

Looking forward to some more stuff very soon, it's very rewarding after all the weeks of hard work.

6.7.11: It worked, it's been raining on and off all day, much to David's disgust as he wanted to bowl and so has got rather wet!

8.7.11: Picked first runner beans.

For more information about our allotments - see Link on the right for Paignton HGAS.

Picked beetroot, spinach, radishes, peas, broad beans (some) runner beans, a carrot, lettuces, courgettes - and lots of weeds:

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