27 February 2015

Spring at Hinton Ampner House, near Southampton. 
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 The gardens were lovely, although not much is in flower at this time of the year, mainly snowdrops and the lovely yellow aconite. 
We were fortunate that, although the house was closed to visitors.  The main hall was open with an exhibition about how the house was used as a wartime home for Portsmouth High School for Girls (http://www.visit-hampshire.co.uk/whats-on/wartime-in-the-dorm-at-hinton-ampner-p1074871).
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Although I started boarding school 20 years later, not a lot was different to the conditions of those girls at Hinton Ampner.

I'm looking forward to returning to this lovely place, but perhaps in the summer when we can see the inside of the house too.

A memorial plaque from the Church.

Every age of her life was adorn'd with its proper character
She was an obedient daughter, a virtuous wife and indulgent mother
She was equal to the wisdom of the bravest of men
Friendly to the ignorance of the meanest of women
Yet she was not altogether exempt from the
Common fate which attends all eminence of parts
Of being in some things misunderstood
Of heights and distances,
What certain judgement can the vulgar make
Wherein the wise with all their art mistake
Those of mean parts uncensored live and die
The've nothing to provoke an envious eye
The dull oblige mankind and all their love engage
Whilst tis a crime to be refined
About the present age.
(nothing much changes!)
Gateway to the walled garden (below)


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