26 February 2015

Giving a whole new meaning to ‘hanging out’. We say bridge, this cat says hammock…
Amazing cat dens

A few years ago we bought a fancy climbing frame system for the cats.

It has various levels of shelfing, a ladder, a 'hidey hole'  and the necessary scratch post.  

However, in all that time I've only ever seen Malcolm perching on one of the levels - and never seen Tiger Lily on there at all.  

So have now come to the conclusion that no matter what you plan for your cat's delight, they always choose their own hang-out space ......

And talking of scratching posts, isn't the sofa always much more appealing than the purpose-built posts which you've bought your pet?

Here are a few more cat spaces on this site, courtesy of Wicks: http://www.buzzfeed.com/wickes/7-amazing-diy-cat-densa-are-these-fur-real-1bnro

and pinterest is always good for ideas:

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