27 February 2015

Charlecote Manor

We didn't have long here as really stopped off for a quick coffee and cake on our way home from our holiday.  And just when we arrived we had a request look after all-important grandchild whilst daughter went to the dentist. 

So it was a really quick look round at this beautiful place, which was just being awoken from its winter slumber.  Some rooms were read to go for the summer season whereas others were in the process of being unveiled and checked over.  It was interesting to see this being done.

The back of the house faces on to the River Avon, which is not very wide and not navigable which suits as they have erected barriers at each end of the estate to prevent their deer from leaving - and others from entering.

exit gates
 The coffee and cake were excellent ... we will be returning ...

http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/charlecote-park/ http://www.darwincountry.org/explore/020268.html?ImageID=19268&Page=42&sid=

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