22 January 2015

What to take on our cruise
  • cruise documents
  • parking documents
  • passports
  • wallet and bum belt
  • EHIC card
  • another picture ID - if you don't take driver's licence
  • credit cards - be sure to call credit card companies before travelling to alert them
  • watch
  • foreign currency 
  • contact numbers to report lost/stolen cards
  • emergency numbers at home
  • prescription drugs and any other essential medications in carry on bag
  • specs
  • guidebooks and other port of call information/maps
  • foreign language phrase book or dictionary
  • reading material
  • journal or notebook and pen/pencil - for making notes 
  • currency conversion chart
  • mobile and charger
  • camera and charger/spare batteries
  • extra memory cards for digital camera
  • iPod and charger
  • home and email addresses of friends/relatives back home
  • netbook?
  • binoculars
  • duct tape or strapping tape
  • various sizes of plastic bags
  • Swiss Army knife or similar
  • small umbrella
  • back cushion
  • ear plugs
  • small first aid kit
  • pain killers and other non-prescription tablets
  • Crazy glue?
  • playing cards
  • insect spray 
  • sun screen/sun block and lip sunblock
  • germicidal hand cleaner/wet wipes
  • hand lotion
  • rubbing alcohol or foot lotion for soothing tired, hot feet
  • sun/rain hats
  • empty folding tote bag - for souvenirs or the beach
  • sewing kit, safety pins and scissors 
  • hand clothes wash

from: www.cruisedirectonline.com/packing.html#Women_Pack_More

Also on this site there are ideas of what to pack - for both men and women, a 'leaving home' checklist and also lots of packing tips.

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