29 January 2015

Dress a girl around the world - now called Dress a Child Around the World

Dress a Child Around the World - UK: NEW DRESS PATTERN
This new pattern is delightful, although not as simple as the original pattern, see below:

The dress on the right takes as its starting point ... a pillowcase ... simple.  
It's very straightforward to make, so long as you remember a few simple rules - finish off seams, don't attach anything which may come off in the wash (and others, see* below), 

For information on how to make this, much more simple, dress, see: http://sew-awesome.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/making-making-just-short-reminder-page.html?spref=fb


  • Seams that are not finished, 
  • Edges of cut pillowslips that are left raw, 
  • Trims that are stuck on with glue - hello, will that withstand one wash?? 
  • And 
  • Even received one with buttons glued on!! Oh dear, ladies we know you are better than that!!
  • The fold up flap on pillowslips that are used as a hem but not stitched ~ a hem that is not stitched will drop down and trip up the wearer 
  • And 
  • My goodness me we really cannot keep accepting these errors!!
  • this is the ten point check list:~
  • 100% cotton - or very nearly 100%
  • NOT see through, if you can see a ring on your finger when you put your hand behind one layer then it is too thin and will need lining ~ with cotton!!
  • All stitching finished and threads sewn in and trimmed
  • All seams finished ~ no RAW edges
  • No glued trims
  • No ribbon ties
  • All buttons stitched on properly
  • All pockets finished with a double stitch at the top to prevent them coming undone when the wearer put their hand in the pocket
  • Elastic on shorts and dresses firmly stitched and not just knotted
  • Your garment is correct to our size chart -

For sizings see: http://sew-awesome.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/making-making-just-short-reminder-page.html?spref=fb


Note from 17 January facebook page:
Thank you for all the contacts re distributing dresses, I have had some emails and have been counting dresses all afternoon!! Only problem is that the majority of people want larger dresses for ages 7 - 14. This seems to be the norm recently, so please please if anyone is sewing these sizes could you please send them to me. 
Thank you
I have also had some parcels with lovely dresses in, will try and take some photos and post on here. 

and also: http://www.littledressesforafrica.org/blog/pillow-case-pattern/


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