3 July 2013


Yesterday we went on a coach trip to the ancient market town of Tavistock - in the rain.  When ever I've been to Tavi, it's always been wet!  Is that because it's so near to Dartmoor?

We had lunch at the East Gate Cafe (http://www.eastgatetavistock.co.uk/) eating good home-cooked food.  It must have been home-cooked to order as the meal did take some time arriving, but it was well worth the wait.

Crebers was as good as ever (to quote: This is the shop that puts Tavistock on the map. It really is a unique shop that you just wont find anywhere else. The smell that hits you when you walk in the door is delicious and one that you will never forget. You will find all sorts of goodies including chutneys and sauces that you wont find in the supermarkets. Also lots of fresh food including cheese and various meats. If you are visiting Tavistock, then a visit to Crebers is a must!)

de la Torre'sRound the corner, the other side of the pannier (http://www.tavistockpanniermarket.co.uk/) market is a wonderful little shop selling olives and similar items (de la Torres), next door to that is the fab Country Cheeses (http://www.countrycheeses.co.uk/) and then further down the same street is an excellent wholefoods shop (Kilworthy Kapers).  And right down at the end is a well-stocked haberdashers and patchwork shop Soft Touch (http://www.softtouchneedlecrafts.co.uk/).  

Kilworthy Kapers located in TAVISTOCKImage

Tavistock Art Gallery's profile photoWell, another interesting shop was The Art Gallery.  There was lots of choice, with prices from £10 up to about £2,500, so something for every pocket and taste.  And the owner/manager was very helpful and knowledgeable.
And next door to the Art Gallery was a gift/jigsaw shop and also a Kath Kidston  shop.

This is only a small sample of the independent shops on offer in Tavistock.  What more could anyone want?!

Late I enjoyed coffee and cake at the Coffee Cream (Cafe) in Brook Street (https://www.facebook.com/TavistockPatisserie) which were wonderful, as was the ambience: crocheted tablecloths, comfy seating and a view of what was going on in the street outside made it a place to relax.  The little cakes and chocolates were reminiscent of somewhere in eastern Europe, not surprising as one of the owners is from Poland.

If the weather had been better I was looking forward to wandering round the town, looking at the old buildings and then rambling round The Meadows, see pic.  But as it was I donned my trusty pack-a-mac, put up the hood and walked as quickly as possible over to meet the rest of our coach, before heading back through the rain to - less-rainy - Torbay.

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