31 July 2013

Clearing up

Some hints and tips for cleaning in the kitchen:
  • soak pans in cold water
  • use warm water  to scour pans
  • sprinkle bicarbonate of soda in bottom of the dish where the brillo is stored
  • for hard to clean pans, boil with small amount of water and fallen leaves
  • scrape non-stick pans with an old credit card
  • for dirty copper-bottomed pans rub with rhubarb leaves, chopped into small pieces and boiled in the pan, then put the dirty pan inside
  • use the nets which onions come in, sewn up, as pot scrubbers
  • for badly burned pans, sprinkle biscarb inside
  • glass/pyrex sprinkle oven cleaner on
  • enamel - lemon juice and salt, leave an hour, then non-abrasive scourer
  • scrambled egg on pans - cold water
  • rust - raw potato
  • clean a stainless steel sink with fizzy soda water
  • polish brown boots with a banana skin.

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