28 August 2011

Ways to Change Your Life

  1. Get a promotion
  2. Listen to your partner
  3. Write your first novel
  4. Wear sun screen all year round
  5. Edit your wardrobe
  6. Eat properly
  7. Buy a dermaroller
  8. Find out how happy couples stay happy
  9. Have a baby before you're 33
  10. Review your investments
  11. Be a good parent
  12. Get the right healthcare
  13. Get a new best friend
  14. Slow down
  15. Don't join a gym
  16. Have an open mind about sex
  17. Think yourself happy
  18. Find a man with a low disgust factor
  19. Release your inner Judy Garland
  20. Take time to stare at the night sky
  21. Get some sun
  22. Start saving for next Christmas
  23. Improve your networking skills
  24. If you're not enjoying your job, quit
  25. Do some voluntary work
  26. Learn something every day
  27. Be a good friend
  28. Eat less
  29. Enjoy being near water
  30. Go to bed early
  31. Regularly enjoy the outdoors
  32. And .... eat less chocolate?

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