5 August 2011

60 things to do now I'm 60

I've just been looking at a list of '100 things to do before you die' and have done (or nearly done) most of them, so here's my 60 a@ 60 list (not 'to do before I die'!):

  1. Go up in the balloon at Torre Abbey (http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/1949325)
  2. Visit Torre Abbey http://www.torre-abbey.org.uk/
  3. Visit the St Pancras Renaissance London Hotel
  4. Get two new teeth where I have gaps
  5. Go to Brazil?
  6. Do more painting
  7. Grow some basil and coriander and eat them before they go to seed
  8. Try and go to bed earlier
  9. Have a go on the swan pedalboats at Young's Park
  10. Learn how to put on eyeliner
  11. Visit Penlee House (http://www.penleehouse.org.uk/) see painting above.
  12. Eat less chocolate
  13. Go to Ireland again http://www.discoverireland.ie/ 
  14. Tidy away old magazine and newspaper cuttings
  15. Stop having toothache
  16. Visit Barbara in North Carolina  www.blackmountain.org/
  17. Grow lots of carrots
  18. Burn candles as they often have interesting aromas
  19. More exercise
  20. Get solar panels
  21. Visit Tate Modern in St Ives
  22. Eat sensibly
  23. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise
  24. Grow some swede turnips and parsnips.
  25. Make a watch strap
  26. Finish some embroidery projects started at Westcountry Embroiderers www.westcountryembroiderers.co.uk/
  27. Improve singing
  28. Grow and pick peas - to perfection
  29. Go on Eggheads - or similar
  30. Play the keyboard
  31. Finish the patchwork cover
  32. Get the photographs in some sort of sensible order
  33. Swim in the sea here
  34. Go back to the toning tables
  35. Find out about the genealogy questions which got me started in the first place - Why Hodgson etc.
  36. Explore north Scotland  www.northhighlandsscotland.com
  37. Make a shell necklace or hanging
  38. Visit Chester again  www.visitchester.com
  39. Have a short story published
  40. Go to Devon Guild of Craftsmen, Bovey Tracey
  41. Go over to France
  42. Ride a horse again
  43. Ride a bike
  44. Go to a beer festival
  45. See how far I can travel with my Bus Pass (when eligible)
  46. Improve my drawing
  47. Give blood
  48. Be silent for a day(!)
  49. Make some ravioli
  50. Meditate
  51. Write the story of my life
  52. Keep Bees?
  53. Get a dog?
  54. not much further to go now! ...

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