29 August 2011

Go-ahead idea - perhaps this could be emulated here in Devon

I've just read the Telegraph colour supplement for 
16 July 2011 - well only six weeks late - and saw an  interesting idea: http://www.southwarkcircle.org.uk/.

This pic is nothing to do with the Southwark Project but it echoes the idea of many hands working together:

Southwark Circle is a membership organisation 
that provides on-demand help with life’s practical 
tasks through local, reliable Neighbourhood 
Helpers, and a social network for teaching, 
learning and sharing.

To quote:
Southwark Circle members get together to enjoy 
a variety of interests and activities, and to learn 
new things through the Member Calendar. They 
can also buy tokens to get help from local, reliable Neighbourhood Helpers. Some members also help 
out fellow members and can earn tokens for doing so.

Membership includes:

  • A unique membership pack, including everything
    you’ll need to get started, including a membership card.
  • Subscription to the monthly Member Calendar and
    newsletter to see what’s on and what members are up to.
  • Access to our free phone number to get recommendations
    for anything from a trustworthy, local builder to the best
    mobile phone plan.
  • Opportunities to meet fellow members at get-togethers
    in the Member Calendar.
  • Option to purchase tokens at any time and get help from Neighbourhood Helpers.

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