28 May 2014

I always thought that once cellulite had appeared there was no getting rid of this particular guest, but have just read this article in Stella magazine

How to reduce cellulite

The cellulite scale: around 90% of women have some form of cellulite, caused by factors including genetics, hormones, dehydration, lack of exercise, drinking caffeine, smoking and poor or crash diets.  

Cellulite - formed by fat pushing against connective tissue underneath the skin in areas of poor blood and lymphatic circulation - is found particularly in women's thighs, buttocks, stomach and upper arms (men aren't generally affected as they have a thicker skin structure).

The scale for grading cellulite starts at zero - when no dimpling is seen while standing or lying down, and the pinch test (pinching skin on the buttock, thigh or stomach) reveals fold and creases - and goes up to stage three, when 'orange peel' dimpling appears spontaneously when standing and lying.

Massage for circulation: prevent cellulite by massaging prone areas with your hands in a circular motion towards your heart to increase circulation and break down pockets of fluid retention.  For stage-one cellulite, a daily massage routine using a cellulite-specific cream can give visible results in two to four weeks.

Dry - or wet - body brushing can also reduce minor symptoms of cellulite as it promotes fluid movement in lymph vessels and eliminates dead skin cells for an even appearance.  

Use Bliss's Slimulator (blissworld.co.uk) in long strokes towards the heart for five minutes before showering.  For more prominent stage-two or stage-three cellulite, it is recognised that laser treatments, such as i-lipo or Thermage, encourage firmer-looking skin through radio-frequency technology, which stimulates collagen production in the dermis (the skin's inner layer).  (I can't find anything on the internet which says whether this procedure is safe)

Pick toning ingredients:  choose a cellulite cream that includes alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA), such as citric or glycolic acids, which slough off the top layer of skin cells and increase the thickness of deeper skin layers to give a smoother, firmer appearance.  Look for products containing caffeine, for example Etat Pur Pure Active A90 (etatpur.co.uk), as it stimulates blood flow and tightens skin.  Peptides and precious metals such as gold and platinum are said to maintain collagen production, which also firms the skin.

Apply creams after a warm shower when pores are open for deeper penetration, or before you go to bed to treat cells while they are renewing as you sleep.  Use twice daily, and you may notice a differences are four to six weeks, depending on cellulite severity.

Quick fixes: Fake tan can give the illusion of flat, toned skin.  A body scrub is also great for short-term effects: try Nurse Jamie Beyond Bionic Body Buff, which exfoliates to give skin a smooth and bright appearance.  A combination of regular aerobic exercise and resistance training (concentrate on thighs, glutes and abdominal muscles) will increase blood circulation and create toned muscles to help bumpy areas look more even.  

I always wondered if cabbage had a purpose in life!

Reduce your intake of fatty foods (such as red meat and full-fat dairy) and refined carbohydrates, white bread and pasta, to keep total body fat low.  Eat foods that contain bioflavonoids, such as cabbage, tomatoes and citrus fruits, as they strengthen capillaries.

(NB I can't find anything on the internet which says whether these procedures is safe)

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