10 October 2013

Whilst looking for something else I've just found an excellent site (http://www.mudrashram.com/adultlifeskills.html) regarding adult life skills.  

I have no idea what 'Mudrashram Institute of Spiritual Studies' is but this comprehensive article is well worth reading, even if merely for the information given therein.  

It would be too much to reprint the whole article here, especially as through a link you can read it yourself.  To precis, it suggests what we might want out of life, then points out the reasons why sometimes this doesn't happen.  It then points out that there are nine areas of 'skills for life':

  1. Environmental skills, such as making your bed, going food shopping, basic plumbing skills.
  2. Financial life skills: such as post something with the right postage, pay bills, open a bank account.
  3. Social/Civic skills: such as being well groomed, apologise to someone, graciously accept a gift.
  4. Parenting skills:  such as understanding your child's developmental stages and what behaviour is appropriate at each stage.
  5. Employability skills:  such as have job skills for which an employer would consider hiring you, know how to answer questions at an interview, arrive at work on time.
  6. Friendship/Intimacy skills:  such as help someone who needs your help, share your feelings with someone.
  7. Learning/Educations skills:  such as be able to write clearly and appropriately for the the reader, be able remember information for tests, for job-related tasks and for personal interest.
  8. Life Planning Skills: such as be able to decide what is really important to your life, set goals to achieve these dreams and take effective action towards achieving them.
  9. Self Management skills:  such as be able to care for self during illness, control diet and lifestyle, be able to keep your word, to do what your promise, be able to grieve for a loss of someone or something important.
This article then goes on to suggest ways of achieving the above, such as: 

Life Planning Skills - You can learn to set goals and plans. There are resource materials available from your school counsellor and at your public library. There are private programmes that teach life planning skills. You can also learn about goal setting and planning on-line on the Internet. You can learn how to do a personal inventory like this one and begin to make changes in areas you want to improve.

Here are other sites which give ideas - both serious and fun - on what we should be able to achieve as adults:

An excellent article of life skills usefully mastered by the time we're 30 (http://www.relevantmagazine.com/life/whole-life/20-things-every-twentysomething-should-know-how-do)

31 life skills in 31 days - optimistic, by the time I got to day 31 I'd have forgotten the first lesson!  But good try: 

Life skills your mother never taught you: http://edition.cnn.com/2013/02/20/living/real-simple-lessons-mom-didnt-teach/index.html

25 skills every man should know: http://www.esquire.com/features/life-skills-0509#slide-1.  How to skin a moose, how to get a bartender's attention, how to cook eggs.

7 skills to develop in your 20s: http://www.relevantmagazine.com/life/whole-life/7-skills-develop-your-twenties

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