2 October 2013

29 Very Good Reasons To Adore the BBC

1. The very idea of a state-funded broadcaster is unique and pioneering.
The British Broadcasting Company was founded by the General Post Office and six telecommunications companies. But it was the visionary work of Lord Reith that the country should administer broadcasting with an organization independent of both the government and corporations, and a license fee was introduced, the BBC as we know it established under a royal charter in 1927. This was a radical move. The new body bore a coat of arms with the slogan, “Nation shall speak peace unto Nation.”

2. And so its principles can pretty much be boiled down to “be excellent to each other”.  (sounds like Bill & Ted in their Excellent Adventure!)

29 Very Good Reasons To Adore The BBC

3. It didn’t have an office, it had a dream factory.

TV Centre in White City was more than a building, it was national treasure. Visitors and new staff would report getting lost for hours amid the neverending corridors of ‘the donut’. Progress and economy made it make sense for the corporation to sell it off. But it didn’t stop BBC Four, on the building’s final night in action, broadcasting an entire night of programming basically lamenting what a terrible decision they’d made.

... for the other 26 reasons, please look at this link: http://www.buzzfeed.com/danmartin/26-reasons-the-bbc-is-actually-brilliant

Finally, my reason No 30:
Unlike some (most) other TV/Radio stations there are no advertisements every seven minutes!

a breakdown of the BBC's output

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