27 May 2013

Now that there's soon to be a new baby in the family I'd like to plan to make a 'quiet book' - or a 'busy book'.  

Not sure yet if this is the same thing, so am exploring.  There's also something called an 'activity book', now that sounds more serious, perhaps for when she's older.

the Nativity
Here are a few ideas:
  • colours
  • numbers - beads on strings
  • shapes
  • Bible stories
  • Christmas tree with decorations
  • time
  • marble maze
  • texture, feelies
  • parts of the body
  • flowers, with bead or button centres
  • road with road signs
  • fastenings - buttons, zip, press stud, shoe laces, velcro ...
  • dolls with clothes, perhaps kept in a wardrobe or suitcase
  • face with features, showing emotions
  • ship, sail, sun, sand, seagull, perhaps fish and seaweed
  • washing line with socks and washing machine
  • frog with long tongue - flies with button bodies
  • house with doors, windows, roof, chimney, flowers in the garden
  • ice creams with various toppings
  • carrots and other vegetables to be planted in soil
  • noughts and crosses
  • babies with their own beds and pillows
  • trees with flowers or fruit to be buttoned on
  • seasons
  • flags
  • money
  • monsters
  • owls - night time
  • farm animals
  • butterflies, decorate the wings
  • mail box with letters and parcels
  • train with goods in each truck
  • car on string to run along the road
  • mug, toothbrush and toothpaste
  • knife, fork, spoon, plate - food too
  • snowman with snowflakes
  • rocket going to the moon
  • illustrations to go with stories or rhymes, such as 'little miss muffet' or 'five little monkeys'
frog, complete with enormous tongue
five little monkeys - plus mummy and the doctor

and ... would it be best in a long roll - or as separate pages?
Would it be best in its own carry bag?

flowers with button centres

I think it needs to be portable, not just a glorified 'fuzzy felt' fun book.  That sort of item can be kept at home.

So everything needs a pocket or fastening to ensure nothing falls out when it's being carried around.  It sounds as thought it would still be better with its own carry bag as it's very frustrating when one part of a set gets mislaid.

How to actually make the book before putting anything in it: 

http://thegirlinspired.com/2011/12/lets-get-started-quiet-book-sew-along/ http://blog.angelayosten.com/2013/04/quiet-books.html (good!)
http://doublethalove.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/quiet-book-w-hello-kitty.html (bag with carry handle)

Felt: http://quietbook.blogspot.co.uk/ 


Here are a few website to inspire:
















'On the Go; activity book:


There are so many ideas that I might be inspired to make several - one for home one for the car, one for when she's a toddler and one for when she's a little older   ... 

and one for me to play with too!


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