7 March 2012

Tiaras and Fascinators

We had a talk today at WI about tiaras, followed by a demonstration and fashion show of members wearing all sorts and colours of  fascinators.    

For wearing the fascinators, we were chosen according to the colours we were wearing, hairstyle and head shape - and what was amazing was that everyone looked fabulous.  Will post a photo on here very soon ...

The first part of the talk, about tiaras, was mainly tiaras for weddings, tiaras to go with brides and bridesmaids dresses and slightly less ornate ones for wedding guests, as well as ornaments to decorate the hair.  

These were all hand made by the demonstrator and incorporated beads and crystals, and some of the crystals had even been dyed to match the bridesmaids' dresses. 
We were shown how fashions in tiaras had changed over the years, becoming less ornamental but perhaps more complex. Some fashions in tiaras have even changed due to people wanting to emulate celebs and dress how they've seen people in the movies.   An example the speaker gave was of someone who wanted a tiara like the one which had been worn in Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves.

The demonstration about fascinators was preceded by an interesting aside about the different feathers which birds produced, samples were shown to us of feathers from various parts of an ostrich, also chicken feathers.  
Apparently, the longer, outer feathers are less bendy than the short inner ones.   It was interesting to see how stripping away most of the feather left a fun bit at the end which would wave around as the wearer moved.

to be continued ...

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