3 March 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Sorry, this got lost and I've only just found it.

BAD HABITS (nothing to do with nuns)

Apparently, the first step in breaking a bad habit is to look at why you find this action so compelling. In other words, what's the payoff for doing this seemingly negative thing? 
Since you've already classified this as a "bad" habit you may be tempted to say there isn't one. But look closer. There is always a payoff. Let's say your bad habit is yelling at your kids. What's in it for you? You let off some steam and feel a little better for the moment. Or you have a bad habit of leaving the dishes unwashed? The payoff could be that you get to spend more time on the Internet!
The beginning of a New Year brings with it expectations that the coming year will be a bit different than the present year. And at many times we’re not happy with what has happened, so wish for the coming year to be better and plan to make it better by setting goals. 

Therefore, it can be said that resolutions help us to reflect on our past experiences to make our new plans and goals so the same mistakes won’t happen again. 
Also, it isn’t necessary that one repels oneself from making the same mistakes again but rather feels they should do something more than what they are already doing, for example, many people plan on volunteering or helping the poor by giving more charity. 
Why am I putting this on now - a good question. Firstly because it got lost amongst the January general paperwork - and secondly it's my birthday month, so what better time to resolve to improve for the next year!
Some of the most popular resolutions are:
  • Spend More Time With Family And Friends
About 50% of the population promises themselves to spend more time with family and loved ones. The world nowadays is moving so fast that not many people have as much time as they'd like to spend with their loved one.  Therefore, by promising themselves that they will take some time out assures them that family is still important.
  • Fit In Fitness
People who exercise regularly stay healthy and live longer than those who don’t. Therefore, those people who like to enjoy every bit of life should definitely exercise to stay in shape. Many people in the world are gaining weight due to the amount of fast food eaten. And in order for one to be good to others it is a must to be good to yourself which includes trying to ensure food health.
  • Tame The Bulge
About two-thirds of people promise themselves to lose those extra pounds they gained over the year. Obesity is increasing daily, which can only be controlled when people start taking care of themselves. Not only does losing weight keep you healthy but it also makes you look good!
  • Quit Smoking
Smoking is a big issue that seriously needs to be resolved and many people are fighting to stop it. When a person makes a resolution to end smoking he or she makes a promise that, no matter what, I will let go.
  • Enjoy Life More
Life can get very stressful at times and so we forget to enjoy it. But we shouldn't forget that no matter what life has to offer if it weren’t for the ups and downs how would we learn to appreciate what we have. Therefore, one should promise that, no matter what the circumstance be, I need to enjoy my life in every situation.
  • Cut down on Alcohol
Many people find it hard to stop drinking because they are heavy drinkers but if someone decides to stop drinking then an ample amount of support is available.
  • Get Out Of Debt
Getting into debt can be very easy but getting out of it is not. Therefore plan,and promise yourself that no matter how much time it takes you will get out of it and will not fall into more debt.
  • Learn Something New
Learning something new is important for all of us. When we learn something new we feel worthwhile, whereas when we sit around and we feel like we’re wasting ourselves. As humans we are social animals whose aim is to learn every step of the way to improve outselves.
  • Help Others
How many of us help others without any reason? Not many. But as humans it is our moral right to help others in need of it. Helping others does not just benefit the one gaining your help but satisfies you deep down.
  • Get Organized
Organization is an important resolution which everyone makes every year but finds hard to maintain. However, an important step in maintaining your organization is to either gain help from professional organizers or keep reminders that will help you in remembering what needs to be done. Organization is a technique that comes with practice - the more you practice the better it gets.
Overall, New Year resolutions are like promises made to the self which one tries to accomplish with the beginning of the New Year. New Year is like a ray of hope and resolutions are techniques in promoting the enthusiasm.

And now my resolutions for 2012:
*  More contact with family and friends, even if it's only a telephone call or email.
*  Fit in fitness, stairs, walking up the hill, toning tables, Wii, swimming - how exhausting!
*  Tame the bulge - see above - and less eating between meals.
*  Enjoy life more: now that we're both 'on the mend' this will be easier to manage.
*  Make time for hobbies.
*  Sort out all our 'stuff'.
*  Get more organised, don't leave stuff for others to sort out.

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