18 March 2012

Then and Now

Bound to the soil as his leggings are bound with twine
The serf labours long –
Son of the soil,
He toils for warmth and shelter and to eat.
Fashion style isn’t seen in his clothes
He knows no other world beyond these fields,
Has little choice of how he lives
Just follows his family’s way of life

The well-heeled male has wide horizons
Sybolised by the mobile phone he holds
Smart in his Armani suit,
He confidently approaches life.
Appearances are vitally important
In his career moves.
He has no worries about where and when he will be fed
He’ll travel far
Both round the world and up the career ladder

For one, life is hard and short -
The other hopes his is long,
With plenty of leisure and fulfilment.
These men share their youth, but not their expectations …

Jenny Roy
April 1994

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